Nudge Behavior and how it Shapes Design in the 21st Century

Recently, I was asked to peruse through 4 articles and provide questions to the topics they discuss. I decided to format this post by attaching a link to each article below and respond accordingly.

In terms of difficult topics such as survivors of sexual assault and depression, how can nudge design provide individual freedom to the person? While I understand that there is an option that leads to a healing process, how can we convince the person to go into such a direction?

When participating openly, how can visuals be utilized to allow other members of the community to follow suite with nudge design?

Is there any way we as future designers, convince major corporate business to follow the pattern of corporate social responsibility similarly to Artefact or would we have to compete against their ideology?

How often can a small decision create a large change? Is it rare to see or fairly common in field?

With the direction design is going into, do you think it should be highly recommended that college students should take a course in behavioral economics or nudge design?

What are some examples in a college campus that nudge design is in use? If you can’t think of one, what’s something that Hofstra can do to improve the overall quality on campus?

How can we word two separate entities of “bad news” into one cohesive unit so that there isn’t a significant decrease in value?

How can we utilize status quo bias so that people can behave positively to their social community?

What are some other mini experiments we can test with friends that aren’t so obvious?

How do we help break someone out of such a bad habit? Nudge design is one way, but is there another way beyond design?

Why do stress levels force us to hunker down into decisions that worsen our overall health? How can nudge design reduce stress?

If we succumb to bad habits often, why does current design works shame us for falling into such habits? How can we change that?

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